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Vanishing Edge Pool- Blue Eye, MO.

This Vanishing Edge Pool features crisp clean lines, the perfect color palette, and the system hydraulics to make the edge appear to vanish into Table Rock Lake below. Built on top of 18 feet of certified compacted soil with a 2 to 1 down slope on two sides, this structure needed someone with the experience and knowledge to give special attention to the details. Other features include a large catch basin, automatic water leveler, full width entry steps, and a full length bench to enjoy the view. The two variable speed pumps, filters, heat pump, saltwater system, wireless controls, and LED color changing lights are made by Pentair. The finish materials selected for this project consisted of Poured In Place Concrete Coping, Concrete Decking, NPT Italian Porcelain Tile, and Traditional Dark Grey Plaster.

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